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TO US Distribution Network

We consider the existing headphones supply chain in the USA comprising:

  • Two warehouses located in New York and Los Angeles
  • 25 customers in the USA (20 customers in PLE version)


  • Maximum 10 customers per route
  • Maximum distance between the customers - 2000 km
  • Maximum length of the returning segment - 500 km

Reduce costs by forming a succession of destination points (customers) that will be served in a certain order considering only locations of sites and customers, and paths between them. This will allow a truck to fetch orders for several destination points and follow the route per their specified index.


The result of the experiment contains 4 optimal routes (2 from DC New York and 2 from DC Los Angeles). The data on generated paths, and segments of the paths (transportation costs, traveled distance) is shown in the corresponding tables.

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