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Running experiments from command line

You can use command line to launch anyLogistix and run the required experiment. This feature is especially useful in case of the custom experiments with extended functionality.

Before using the command line make sure that the:

  • Required scenario is available in the scenarios section.
  • Parameters of the required experiment are defined. If you plan to run e.g. the Variation experiment, its variable parameters should be defined.

You can run any experiment (consider restrictions of the PLE version) by adding the following arguments -r ScenarioName ExperimentName, where:

  • -r — runs the required experiment of the defined scenario (defined in the following arguments).
  • ScenarioName — the scenario that is open in anyLogistix.
  • ExperimentName — the experiment (with the pre-defined parameters) that needs to be run.

The names that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotation marks.

To run a scenario from the command line

  1. Open the preferred command line interface or terminal.
  2. Navigate to the anyLogistix folder and add the arguments with the required combination of the scenario and the experiment to run.
    e.g. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\anyLogistix\anyLogistix.exe -r "GFA US Distribution Network" "GFA with roads"
  3. Press Enter. anyLogistix will be launched. It will open the current project, find the required experiment among the opened ones, and finally it will run the defined experiment.
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