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Changing Access Type for a Scenario

By setting access permissions you can limit access to this scenario for other users.

To change access type for the existing scenario

  1. Right-click the required scenario and select Scenario properties... from the drop-down menu to open the scenario wizard.

  2. Select the required access type from the Default access drop-down list.

    • None — scenario is not visible to other users.
    • View — users are not allowed to edit the scenario.
    • Edit — users can edit this scenario.
    • Full — users have full access to the scenario data.

    Note: You will not be able to limit access to a scenario if the Full access type of rights is set for it. If you want to limit access to a scenario, set any other type of access that will limit rights of all users. The Default access rights can be overridden by the user access rights defined in the Access rules section if the latter are of a higher access level.

    e.g. If you set Default access to View for this scenario, while granting a user the Edit type of access rights, this user will be able to edit the scenario despite the fact that the View type of access rights is set for it.

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