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Production State

This table is used within the simulation-based experiments only (Simulation, Variation, Comparison, Safety Stock Estimation, and Risk Analysis).

Here you can define the state of production orders that are available at the beginning of the initial state.

Column Description


The factory producing the required product.


The product the specified Factory is producing.


The required quantity of the product that must be produced.

Production Started

[Disabled by default]

The toggle button defines if the production is started:

  • Enabled — production starts instantly when the experiment is launched (unless raw materials are lacking).
  • Disabled — means that we have production order but it is not in production yet (e.g. raw materials, components are lacking).

    When disabled, production will still start if the factory has enough raw materials, components.

For details on how production orders are estimated refer here .


[Available if Production Started is enabled]

Date & Time

[Available if Production Started is enabled]

Estimating production orders

There can be more than one production order for a certain product. Such orders can be:

  • Combined if:
    • The first order hasn't started by the time the second order arrived.
    • The factory has enough raw materials.

      e.g. The factory received two orders for 100 and 50 items respectively. If both conditions are met, production will be started for 150 items.

  • Queued if:
    • The second order arrives when the first order has started already.
    • The factory does not have enough raw materials.
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