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Transportation Cost Calculator Tutorial

Every supply chain in anyLogistix is based on sets of objects, which interact with each other and depend on each other through the different policies. Additionally, the behavior of the supply chain is defined by the scenario data.

anyLogistix provides a limited set of default objects and policies to cover the majority of cases. But still there are a lot of companies, which have their own policies in their business. To support the diversity of these custom policies and objects, anyLogistix offers Extensions.

Extensions are custom entities which can be created with AnyLogic (anyLogistix extension editor). They provide special user-defined logic for the selected object type.

In this tutorial we are going to learn what exactly the Transportation Policy calculators are, their structure, and how to modify them to achieve the required result.

This tutorial will require basic knowledge of Java syntax and programming concepts. You have to be familiar with methods, classes, objects, variables, data types, conditions, loops, and arrays. If you want to learn Java, there are a lot of resources on the web, including free ones.

Let us start this tutorial. Click the link below to get to the first phase.

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