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Comparison Dashboard

The Comparison Dashboard allows you to add elements from any statistics dashboard to it and compare them visually. It is located under the Comparison page of the Statistics Dashboard. The number in brackets indicates the quantity of dashboard elements currently added to comparison:

To add an element to the Comparison Dashboard

  1. Click the Add to comparison button in the top-right corner of the desired element. A dialog box will open.

    The button is not available if:
    • the experiment result is not saved
    • the dashboard element is already added to comparison
  2. Provide the desired name of the element in the text field. By default the text field contains the name of the element that you are adding.

  3. Click OK to apply the name and add the element to the comparison dashboard. To cancel adding the element and discard the dialog box, click Cancel or press Esc.

To remove an element from the Comparison Dashboard

  1. Right-click anywhere within the Comparison dashboard contents section and select Rearrange from the shortcut menu:

    The dashboard will switch to editing mode.

  2. Click the Remove button in the top-right corner of the element you wish to remove. The element will be removed.

  3. Exit the dashboard editing mode by right-clicking anywhere within the contents section and selecting Exit editing from the shortcut menu:

    The dashboard will switch to normal mode.

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