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Creating Initial State

You can create unlimited number of initial states for each scenario of SIM type.

To create initial state

  1. Click the SIM tab located in the top left area of anyLogistix workspace and select the scenario to work with.
  2. Navigate to the experiments section and click the Create initial state button.

    The dialog box with will open.

  3. Name the initial state New state by typing the new name in the Initial state name field.
  4. Set the Initial state time to July 1. It is the moment in time, from which the simulation will begin once the experiment is started.

    The defined moment in time cannot precede scenario's start date

  5. Click OK to create the new initial state and close the dialog box.
    The new state will be available in the experiments section.

    The table editor below the map will now contain a set of initial state tables, instead of scenario tables.

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