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Defining Initial State

Having created a new initial state for a SIM scenario, we must:

Define supply chain state

  1. Navigate to the Initial stock table and define the required initial state for the facility or a group of facilities.

    This initial stock overrides the initial stock defined in the scenario's Inventory table

  2. Open the Occurred Events table and specify the triggered events.

    Initial state considers only the occurred events. You cannot specify/plan the upcoming event.

  3. Open the Orders table and define the processing orders and their statuses.

    When applicable, you can plan the required status to start at or end by a specific time.

  4. Open the Production State table and define the current production state.

    You may define the production that have started some time before this initial state. his means that certain amount of products will have been produced by the moment when this initial state takes place.

  5. Finally open the Shipments table and define the required shipments and their current statuses.

Now we must specify the New State in the experiment properties.

Set up experiment to use Initial state

  1. Select the simulation experiment to open its properties.

  2. Now click the Experiment start drop-down list and select Initial State.

    The new Initial State parameter will appear with the automatically selected New State.

  3. In the same way define the Experiment end if changes are required.
  4. Run the experiment.
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