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Recovering a Password

If you don't remember the password to your user profile, you can always request a temporary password that will be sent to the e-mail specified for your user profile in the Users section.

To receive a temporary password

  1. Having provided the incorrect password, you will see a pop-up warning message inquiring if you would like to receive a temporary password.

  2. Click Yes, if you want to receive a temporary password.
    A new message will pop-up, informing you that the temporary password has been sent to the specified e-mail.

    If no e-mail is specified for your user profile, you will not be able to receive temporary password. In this case you will have to contact your system administrator.

  3. Check your e-mail box for a letter from containing the temporary password.
  4. Copy the received password and use it to log into the anyLogistix project.

    If you wish to set your own password, contact your system administrator.

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