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Switching Between Projects

You can switch between the existing projects to gain access to the required scenarios. The data cannot be automatically merged, or copied from one project to another. You will have to export the required scenarios to further import them to the new project.

To switch from the current project to another project

  1. Click the name of your current project in the toolbar, and select Manage projects from the drop-down menu. The Manage projects dialog box will open with a list of available projects.

  2. Double-click the project you want to connect to (that would be the Old Project in our case). Alternatively you may select the required project and click Open.
    You will be able to terminate the running experiment(s) by clicking

    The experiments that are running in the project that you are leaving will continue running. The results will be saved, and you will be able to analyze them when you get back to this project next time.

  3. That's it, you've switched to the Old project containing the required set of scenarios.
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