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Switching Between Projects

You can switch between the existing projects to gain access to the required scenarios. The data cannot be automatically merged, or copied from one project to another. You will have to export the required scenarios to further import them to the new project.

To switch from the current project to another project

  1. Choose File > Select Project... from the main menu to open the Select Project dialog box, which will show all the available projects.
    In the top part of the dialog box you can see the name of the current project that you are using.

  2. Select the project you want to connect to (that would be the Old project in our case). Click OK.
    If the Old project is a protected project, the dialog box will pop-up prompting you to specify the user that will be using the project we are switching to.

    We have been using this project before, which means that we have already created a user for it. You must specify the details of the existing user. If you try to provide the data of a user from the other project, anyLogistix will fail to find it, since the data on all the available users is stored within the project they belong to.

  3. Specify the Username and the Password details of the user.

    If you specify incorrect password, anyLogistix will suggest receiving a temporary password.

  4. Click OK.

    If at least one experiment is running for any scenario within this project, a warning message will pop-up. You will be able to terminate the running experiment(s) by clicking Terminate and proceed. In this case results of these experiments will not be saved.

  5. That's it, you've switched to the Old project containing the required set of scenarios.
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