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Welcome Screen

The welcome screen is the first thing a user sees on launching anyLogistix. It allows you to instantly start working with anyLogistix by either creating a new scenario or opening one of the existing scenario samples. You can also navigate to the Help section for more information.

The welcome screen contains the following sections:

  • Controls section:
    • New Scenario — connects to the current project and opens the dialog box allowing you to create a new scenario.
    • Getting started — opens the Getting started with anyLogistix tutorial.
    • Help — opens anyLogistix documentation.
    • Tutorials — opens anyLogistix tutorials.
    • Textbook — opens a web page on the website, allowing you to download the "Supply Chain Simulation and Optimization with anyLogistix" book.
    • White Papers — opens the web page on the website containing white papers.
    • Videos — opens the web page on the website with an introductory webinar.
    • Training & Events — opens the web page on the website with anyLogistix calendar of events.
    • Case Studies — opens the web page on the website containing case studies.
    • Blog — opens anyLogistix blog in your browser.
    • Show on startup — defines whether the welcome screen must be shown each time anyLogistix starts.
  • Examples section:
    • Examples — the list of available examples. Double-click the required scenario to open it.
    • — opens the description of the required example

The welcome screen can be opened at any time if needed.

To open the welcome screen from anyLogistix menu

  1. Choose File > Welcome Screen from the main menu. The welcome screen will open.
  2. Choose the required action:

    • New Scenario — click to create a new scenario.
    • Help — click to open anyLogistix documentation.
    • Show on startup — click to enable/disable the welcome screen page opening on each anyLogistix launch.
    • Examples — click the example you want to open.

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