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Personal Data

This section contains details of the administrator / user profile. If required, you can edit your profile details.

To open the PERSONAL DATA section

  1. Open the control panel. Depending on your user type you:
    • Initially enter the control panel on logging in if you are the product administrator, otherwise
    • In the anyLogistix toolbar click and select Control panel.
  2. Click the PERSONAL DATA tab.

    The PERSONAL DATA section will open.


The set of details differs depending on the Control Panel type.

  • Name — the user's name.
  • Surname — the user's surname.
  • Password — [not available in the desktop version] click the Change password button to change the password.
  • License — [not available in the administrator's Control Panel] shows if a license is assigned. Click Show info to see license details.
  • API key — [available in the user's Control Panel of the anyLogistix Professional Server] the field contains the unique API token, allowing you to secure access to anyLogistix API. You may:
    • Click to copy the current API key.
    • Click to generate a new API key.
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