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CO2 from Facilities

This table is used within the Network Optimization and Simulation experiments only. The table contains data on the CO2 emissions for each facility of the supply chain you are designing.

The CO2 Emissions statistics contain the data the experiment gathered using this table.

CO2 emissions are measured in the abstract CO2 measurement unit.

Column Description


Defines the facility of DC or factory type (or a group of facilities) the CO2 emissions are defined for.

The cell contains a list of facilities (previously defined in the DCs and Factories table).

CO2 Emissions

Select the source of CO2 emissions:

  • from Facility Opening — CO2 emissions from building/opening a facility/group of facilities.
  • from Facility Closure — CO2 emissions from closing a facility/group of facilities.
  • from Other Cause — other sources of CO2 emissions per day associated with the facility/group of facilities.
  • by Facility Size — [available im Simulation type scenarios only] CO2 emissions per occupied area of a facility/group of facilities.
  • from Carrying — CO2 emissions from storing the site inventory per day per m3 (the default measurement units can be changed in the Time Unit and Product Unit columns respectively).

CO2 Produced

The amount of CO2 produced by the facility (or per facility if a group is defined in the Facility column).

Time Unit

Specify the time unit that the Time Period is defined in.

E.g. The specified time unit is Day. This means that the amount of CO2 (specified in the CO2 Produced column) is produced within one day.

The list of available units comprises the units defined in the Manage units dialog.

Product Unit

[Available only if by Facility Size and from Carrying is set in the CO2 Emissions column].

The capacity measurement unit (pieces, or weight, or volume units), which is used to calculate the CO2 emissions produced per space occupied by one product unit.

The list of available units comprises the units defined in both the Manage units dialog and the Units table.

Time Period

The time period during which the emissions will be produced.

The cell contains a list of periods (previously defined in the Periods table).

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