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Getting Started with anyLogistix

Welcome to anyLogistix 3.

Starting anyLogistix for the first time

If you're using Professional (or Professional Server) version you will be asked to provide your license (or lease it from the license server). In case of PLE version (Personal Learning Edition) you will be taken directly to the Welcome screen, which allows you to:

Migrating supply chains from anyLogistix 2

The most straightforward option is to export the required scenarios from anyLogistix 2, and then import them into anyLogistix 3.

This option is available starting from anyLogistix 2.13. If you are migrating from older versions, please upgrade to 2.15.3 first.

Make sure to transfer your extensions, if required.


anyLogistix (unless it is a Professional Server version) is a single user application.

Since anyLogistix Professional Server is a browser-based tool, you can access your profile from another workstation or a second browser. Your original session in this case will be transferred to your new window.

Users and their profiles are managed in the Control Panel.

anyLogistix Professional Server is managed by your administrator.

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