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Results of the GFA with Roads Experiment

The results of the GFA with roads experiment offer a more accurate location of the DCs, since the experiment considers actual roads. Your objects will not be placed on top of a mountain or in a middle of a swamp.

Based on the data provided in the scenario tables, the GFA with roads results offer:

  • Locations for the distribution centers/warehouses considering actual roads.
  • Sourcing policies — where customers buy the products.

The results are available in the dashboard below the experiment's view in the form of statistics, distributed through the pages on the left (each page refers to a certain type of statistics). If required, you can rename, remove a page, or export the content of the page's statistics to MS Excel file:

  • Product Flows — shows detailed statistics on the flows of the supply chain within the specified period of time.
  • New Site Locations — shows information on all the new sites created by the experiment.
  • Distance Coverage by Demand — shows detailed statistics on the distance to cover to satisfy a certain percentage of the demand.
  • Demand Coverage by Distance — shows detailed statistics on the demand to satisfy within a certain distance.

To see experiment results

  1. Run the experiment.
  2. Once the experiment is completed, a new Result item will be created below the GFA experiment tile.

  3. Click Result, to analyze the results.

    GFA result data cannot be edited unless you convert it to a scenario.

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