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anyLogistix offers a number of statistics, which collect data during the experiment run. The collected data helps to analyze the supply chain scenario and eliminate the possible bottlenecks, reducing the cost of running the supply chain and improving the overall service level.

The collected data is available in dashboard of the experiment results in the user-defined visualization method.

All the statistics are divided into groups by the type of the collected data.

  • Finances — detailed information on generated revenue and incurred expenses.
  • Distance — detailed information on the distance covered by the vehicles.
  • Products — detailed information on products within the supply chain.
  • Ratio — detailed information on the quality of the provided delivery services as well as utilization of various supply chain elements.
  • Time — detailed information on time spent processing tasks or being idle.
  • Vehicles — detailed information on vehicles used within the supply chain.
  • Orders — detailed information on all orders within the supply chain.
  • Cash to Serve — detailed information on cash flows within the supply chain.
  • CO2 Emissions — detailed information on CO2 emissions within the designed supply chain
  • Other — various statistics, providing detailed information on supply chain elements.
  • Custom table — tables created by the user within the Anylogic environment.
  • Preset — grouped sets of regular statistics, which allow you to observe and analyze data in a more convenient way.
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