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Payment Terms

This table is used within the Simulation type of experiments only. It contains data on cash flow directions: the source of the flow, its destination and the terms the payment is made on.

The data from this and Cash Accounts tables is used to collect Cash to Serve statistics, which allow you to analyze the amount of cash required for this supply chain to work properly.

Use DCs and Factories table to specify distribution centers and factories that comprise your supply chain.

Column Description


Defines the seller of the demanded product: Supplier, DC, Factory.


Defines the buyer of the product: DC, Customer, Factory.


The product that will be sold by the seller to the buyer.

Deferment Period

The period during which the full price of the purchase must be paid.

For more flexibility, you can set it to be of stochastic nature. In this case, the deferment period will vary in accordance with the certain probability distribution.

Time Unit

Specify the time unit that the Deferment Period is expressed in.

The list of available units comprises the units defined in the Manage units dialog.

Down Payment Ratio

It is a percentage of the total cost that you pay upfront.

Time Period

The time period during which the purchase will be made.

The cell contains a list of periods (previously defined in the Periods table).

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