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SIM Online Shop (Variation experiment)

Online shop has three branches on the territory of the Czech Republic. It orders products from the supplier located in Germany on regular basis.

Features and conditions

  • Customers are served in a certain order – this allows couriers to fetch orders for several destination points and follow the route per their specified order.
  • Once the final destination point of the milk run is served, the couriers will head to the positioning site.
  • If the DC rating is not satisfactory, the customer can drop the placed order, as well as return the late orders, and set low rating.
  • If the order is delivered on-time, the customer sets high rating.

Variation experiment allows you to estimate the effect of stochastic parameters on the supply chain. You can, for example, analyze how a customer's behavior affects profit, peak capacity, and rating of each DC.

The experiment will repeatedly run a Simulation experiment, producing statistically significant results, collecting statistical data, and providing the final result in the form of a table.

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