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Site States Changes

This table is used within the Network Optimization and Simulation types of experiments only.

It is recommended to use the Events table for Simulation type of scenarios.

This tables allows you to define the new state (closed/open) of a site (DC or factory) or a group of sites at the beginning of the specified period of time. Learn how it works...

The state can be changed just once during the experiment duration, and it will not be reverted automatically at the end of the specified period (which can differ from the experiment duration end date).

Column Description


Specify the required site (DC/Factory) or a group of sites that will change its state at the beginning of the specified Period of time.

Time Period

Specify the period of time (defined in the Periods table) at the beginning of which the specified Site will be in the defined New Site State.

The cell contains a drop-down list with the available periods.

New Site State

Defines the new state of the specified site (DC or factory) or a group of sites.

How it works

The defined new state is only a suggestion for the experiment to consider. By defining the new state you declare that you do not mind if the site(s) will be closed / open at the beginning of the defined period.

Since the main objective of the Network Optimization experiment is maximizing profit, the state of the site(s) will be changed (as defined in this table) only if this helps to maximize profit.

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