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Modifying Dashboard Element Properties

A dashboard element is a graphical representation of one or several statistics collected during the experiment execution. You can modify a dashboard element by setting the required properties in the Edit chart dialog box.

To modify dashboard element properties

  1. Click the Edit chart button in the top-right corner of the desired element. The Edit chart dialog box will open.
  2. Click the required statistics in the list of statistics to select it. You may either:
    • Deselect the selected statistics and select the new one. This will substitute the current statistics, once you click OK to close the Edit chart dialog box.
    • Select additional statistics. If several statistics are added to a single dashboard element, you will be able to filter only the Statistics parameters that are applicable to all of them.
  3. Change the visualization method in the Preview section.
  4. Define Statistics parameters. The available options depend on the type and the quantity of the selected statistics.
  5. Click OK to save the changes and close the Edit chart dialog box. To discard your changes, click Cancel or press Esc.
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