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Table Editor Toolbar

Depending on the table and scenario types, the table editor toolbar may contain the following buttons (click the buttons below for more information):

Creates a new table record, a row with a structured scenario data that a user edits while designing a supply chain.
Deletes selected table record(s), removing the data it contains from the scenario.
(not all tables have this functionality) Opens a dialog box, allowing you to select the table record, the data of which you would like to expand into a number of separate table records (e.g. to set a different processing cost for each DC for a certain product). This helps to save time on manually creating the required records and removing the redundant ones.
(available in the Product Flows table only) Hides 10 columns into a new Constraints column.
(available in the Product Flows table if Compact view is activated) Restores Moves the hidden columns from the Constraints column to their original places.
(available in the Customers, DCs and Factories, Demand, and Milk runs tables) Opens a dialog box allowing you to generate corresponding data per specified parameters.
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