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Sale Batch

This table is used within the Network optimization and simulation-based experiments only (i.e., Simulation, Variation, Comparison, Safety stock estimation, and Risk analysis).

Certain sites of your supply chain may offer discounts for wholesale purchases. In this table you define:

  • Discount price per unit when ordering from a certain supplier (in case of NO scenario type).
  • Discount price for the batch by specifying the required batch size and the price per product unit (in case of SIM scenario type).
    • One and the same product sold in batches of different sizes may have different discount price. Therefore, the batch price will differ depending on the quantity of products it contains.
    • The incoming order may be adjusted in the Ordering Rules table to fit the defined Sale Batch.
Column Description


Defines the site selling the batches. The source may be a single distribution center or a factory, as well as a group of sources defined by the user.

Double-click the corresponding row cell to open a drop-down list of the available (previously defined in the DCs and Factories and/or the Groups table(s)) sources.


Specify the product the batch will consist of.

Double-click the corresponding row cell to choose among the available sources (previously defined in the Products table).


[Available in SIM scenario type]

Defines how the batch size is calculated:

  • Exact — the batch size is explicitly specified in the Batch size column.
  • Starts from — the batch size may exceed the size specified in the Batch size column. If you want to allow only batches of certain sizes, you can define the batch size increment (Step Size). In this case customers will be able to purchase batches of the size that equals to: Batch size N * Step size.
    For example, if the Batch size is set to 20 and the Step size is set to 5, the possible sale batch sizes are 20, 25, 30 and so on.

Batch Size

[Available in SIM scenario type]

If the Type option is set to Exact, it defines the batch size (the quantity of product items composing the batch).

If the Type option is set to Starts from, the Batch size defines the minimum batch size (that can be exceeded with the specified Step size).

Double-click the cell to manually type in the desired batch size.

Step Size

[Available in SIM scenario type]

(The option is applied only if Starts from parameter is selected in the Type column.) The column defines the amount (in items) that will be added to the batch in case the minimum Batch size is exceeded.

Price (per unit)

Defines price per product item the batch consists of. If specified, the value will override:

  • Selling Price defined in the Products table
  • Revenue defined in the Demand table

Double-click the cell to manually type in the item price.

Price (per batch)

[Available in SIM scenario type]

Shows the automatically calculated price of the batch (Batch size multiplied by Price (per unit)). The value cannot be manually modified. You can change the batch price by modifying other parameters of this table.


The type of currency that the cost is expressed in. The available currencies used throughout the scenario can be changed in the Units section of anyLogistix Settings.

Time Period

[Available in SIM scenario type]

The time period during which the batch with the defined parameters will be sold..

Double-click the corresponding row cell to choose among the available periods (previously defined in the Periods table).

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