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Statistics Dashboard

The Statistics Dashboard pane is located in the lower part of the anyLogistix window. It displays the statistics collected during the Simulation experiment run:

The pane is divided into two parts:

  • The left part displays a list of available dashboard pages. You can switch between pages, add new pages and remove the existing pages. Selecting the Comparison page opens the Comparison Dashboard.
  • The dashboard elements section on the right displays the dashboard elements for the currently selected page. The section is fully customizable and allows you to add, remove and reorganize dashboard elements according to your needs. Every dashboard element is a graphical representation of one or several statistics collected during the experiment execution.

Follow this scenario to learn how to work with the Statistics Dashboard pane:

  1. Before running the Simulation experiment, choose the statistics that will be collected during the experiment execution:
    • Click the Configure statistics button in the Simulation experiment view. The dialog box will open.
    • Choose the desired statistics by selecting the checkboxes next to them. Note that you can specify the statistics to be collected only before the experiment run. When the experiment starts, the chosen set of statistics is populated with the experiment data.
  2. Configure the Statistics Dashboard by adding or removing pages and dashboard elements.
  3. Run the experiment. During the experiment run the collected statistics will be visualized on the Statistics Dashboard pane. After the experiment run, you can find its statistics under the corresponding node in the Experiments tree.
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