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Running the GFA with Roads Experiment

To create the GFA experiment you need to previously create at least one scenario.

To run the GFA with Roads experiment

  1. Click the GFA tab located in the top left area of anyLogistix workspace, and select the scenario to work with.
  2. Navigate to the experiments section and select GFA with Roads experiment.
    The GIS map will be substituted with the experiment's parameters.

  3. Set the experiment parameters:
    • Set the experiment start and end dates in the Experiment duration section.
    • Specify the Desired number of sites that you would like to use in your supply chain.
    • If needed, specify the Product measurement unit and the Distance step for statistics parameters.
    • If there is a supplier in your supply chain, you can define the Suppliers to sites transportation discount parameter.
    • To limit the number of cities for the experiment to consider, define the Minimum population parameter.
    • If needed, specify the group customers to consider during the experiment by clicking the corresponding toggle button in the table of customers.
  4. Click Run to execute the experiment. Once the experiment is completed, a new Results item will be created in the GFA with Roads experiment branch.
    If you are currently running one or more experiment(s) of any type, a warning message will pop-up, notifying you about the number of currently running experiments.

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