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NO Shared Resource Optimization

We consider a supply chain delivering diesel oil and vitroil from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia with:

  • Distribution center located in Kuwait
  • Transshipment base in Ras Tanura
  • Customer in Yanbu

There are two ways to deliver products:

  • Directly to Yanbu
  • Through the transshipment base in Ras Tanura

The goods from Al Jahra are transported by:

  • Highway transport to the Yanbu base throughout the entire year (except for the two periods of path inaccessibility).
  • River barges to the Ras Tanura base during navigation period (June-September).
  • Highway transport (December-March only) from Ras Tanura to the Yanbu base.
  • Procurement strategy optimization of different types of TMTs in case of the current warehouse and transport infrastructure.
  • Estimation of the number of the oil and acid tank trucks, and barges required for transportation of diesel and acid on all routes.

The result offers a procurement plan with a detailed report on the fleet size and its utilization considering the given restrictions.

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