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Navigating the GIS Map

You can navigate (i.e., pan and zoom) the GIS map. You navigate the map in the same way both when you develop your model and when you run the project and observe the simulation.


To pan the GIS map

  1. Click and hold the map with the left mouse button, then move the mouse.


To zoom in

  1. Hover your mouse cursor overt the location that you want to see closer.
  2. Rotate the mouse wheel away from you. The GIS map will zoom in to the area around the mouse pointer location. This location will become the map’s center, so that you can better see the location itself and its surrounding area. To zoom in at a different location, first pan the map.

To zoom out

  1. Click on the map to activate it.
  2. Rotate the mouse wheel toward you. The map will zoom out relative to the mouse pointer location. To zoom out to another part of the map, first pan the map.
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