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Date chooser

You may need to specify calendar dates, and since keying dates may be not convenient, anyLogistix provides users with the simple and handy graphical control for specifying dates — Date chooser.

To open the Date chooser dialog

  1. Click the button in the right part of the date field:

  2. You will see the Date chooser dialog opened. By default this dialog shows the calendar for the month that contains the currently chosen date (it is drawn against blue background in the calendar).

    In the lower part of the dialog you can see the information about the current date (real time, not the model time). The current date is displayed in the calendar with blue text in the blue outline.

To choose some other day from the same month

  1. Click the required day in the calendar.
    To choose a day of some other month or year, you should choose this year and/or month first using the navigation panel in the upper part of the dialog:
    • Clicking the label in the center of the navigation panel you switch the calendar one level up: from date choosing mode — to month choosing; from month choosing to year choosing, and so on.
    • The arrow buttons located at the edges of the panel allow users to navigate to the previous and succeeding month/year (it depends on the current context) correspondingly.

To choose a day from some other month of the same year

  1. Open the Date Chooser dialog by clicking the button in the right part of the date field. Assume that the currently chosen date is August, 5, 2010, and we need to choose December, 25 of the same year. In this case we need to choose another month of this year first.
  2. Click the month label in the navigation panel.

  3. You will see all months of the currently chosen year shown in the calendar. Choose the required month by clicking its name in the calendar.

    In case you need to choose some other year, you can switch to year choosing mode in the same way by clicking the year label in the navigation panel.

  4. You will see the calendar for December, 2010 displayed. Now you can choose the required date of the selected month, again by clicking it in the calendar.

  5. That's all. You will finally get the required date specified in the date chooser field:

Keying dates in the date field

Moreover, you can key the required date right in the date field.

To key a date right in the date field

  1. Click the day in the date field. The day field will be emphasized in blue:
  2. Type the required value:
  3. In the same way you can sequentially change the month and the year entered in this date field:

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