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Editing Text or Numerical Data

The data in a table can be edited per cell or in bulk (per column).

To modify scenario data via table edit box (text or numerical)

  1. Double-click the table cell that you need to edit to activate the edit box.

  2. Type in the data in text / numerical format.

  3. To save the changes, press Enter or click outside of the cell. To discard changes, press Esc.

To modify data in all cells of a column

In certain cases bulk editing is not possible.

  • Open the data table, navigate to the required column, press Ctrl + click the column title to select all cells in this column.

    Make sure there are no selected cells in this table when you start.

  • Press Spacebar to open the dialog box that will allow you to edit value of all the selected cells.
  • Define the required value (or a set of values, if the dialog box contains a nu,ber of parameters).

  • Click Save to close the dialog box. You will see that new value is now set for all the selected cells.

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