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Exporting Multiple Scenarios

If required, you can export several scenarios of different type at once. In this case multiple renaming is also possible.

Multiple import / export supports 10 scenarios. If you are importing e.g. 15 scenarios, the importing process will start for 10 of them, while 5 scenarios will be queued.

To export multiple scenarios

  1. Right-click the required scenario, then select Export.

    The Export dialog box will open.

  2. Click the Add scenario to export drop-down list, select the required checkboxes.

  3. Click Add. The selected scenarios will be added to the list.

  4. Now you may do either of the following:
    • Click Export, if you need to export scenarios to MS Excel files.
    • Click the Database tab, define the database parameters, and then click Export, if you need to export scenarios to a database.
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