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CO2 from Processing

This table is used within the Network Optimization and Simulation experiments only. Product processing within the supply chain results in certain volume of CO2 emissions.

In the CO2 from Processing table, you define policies for calculating the amount of CO2 that will be produced while processing products. Product processing policy is set on the facility level and is applied based on the product and operation's direction (inbound or outbound).

The CO2 Emissions statistics contain the data the experiment gathered using this table.

CO2 emissions are measured in the abstract CO2 measurement unit.

Column Description

Defines the facility that produces CO2 emissions when processing product shipment. It may be a single distribution center, a factory or a supplier, as well as a group of facilities.

The cell contains a list of the facilities previously defined in the DCs and Factories and Suppliers tables. The list also contains groups from the Groups table, if there are any.


Defines the product for which the processing policy is set.

If a product is selected, processing policy will be applied only to orders / shipments of this product.

If (All products) is selected, processing policy will be applied to any product.

The cell contains a list of products (previously defined in the Products table).

Processing Type

Defines the type of product processing, which produces CO2 emissions:

  • Inbound shipment processing — product processing applied to shipments received from a supplying facility by this Facility. The value is not relevant for suppliers, since a supplier's inventory is unlimited and no shipments are received.
  • Outbound shipment processing — product processing is applied to shipments sent to a receiving facility from this Facility.

Defines the unit for calculating CO2 emission using the following formula:

CO2 emission = Number of Units * CO2 Produced

The list of available units comprises the units defined in both the Manage units dialog and the Units table.

CO2 Produced

Defines the volume of CO2 produced per specified product measurement Unit.

Time Period

Defines the period of time (previously defined in the Periods table) during which the defined processing will be considered.

Calculating the amount of CO2

The produced CO2 amount is calculated as follows:

  1. Order / shipment amount is represented in terms of Units, which can be orders, shipments, product units, volume or weight units.
  2. The resulting number of Units is multiplied by the specified amount of CO2 Produced per single unit.

Similar concepts apply to calculating CO2 produced by the facilities. Refer to the CO2 from Facilities table for details.

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