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Deleting a Project

By default you delete the required project(s) from the list of available projects only. The database with all the content remains safe. However, you can choose to completely remove the project from the system. The latter action cannot be undone.

To delete a project

  1. Choose File > Select Project... from the main menu to open the Select Project dialog box, which will show all the available projects.
  2. Select the project that you want to remove from anyLogistix and click Delete. To remove a number of projects, select them by holding Ctrl and clicking the projects you need to remove. Release the Ctrl button when selecting is done.

    You cannot delete a project that is currently in use. You must switch to another project and try again.

  3. A warning message will pop-up inquiring if you would like to remove the project's database as well (containing scenarios, experiments, users).
    • Click the toggle button if you want to remove the content of the project from your PC. The toggle button is disabled by default.
    • Click OK to remove the project (and its database if the toggle button is enabled).
    • Click Cancel to return to previous dialog box.
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