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Deleting a Project

Only owner of a project can delete it. When you delete a project, you permanently remove it (and its content, settings, etc.) from the database. This action cannot be reverted.

The administrator of the anyLogisitx Professional Server cannot delete projects.

You can remove only unoccupied projects that have no running processes.

A project can be removed:

To delete a project in the Manage Projects dialog box

  1. Open the Manage Projects dialog box by clicking the projects' menu in the toolbar, and selecting Manage projects.
  2. Use the filters to find the required project tile.
  3. In the required project's tile click Remove.

To delete a project in the Control Panel

  1. In the anyLogistix toolbar click and select Control panel.
    The Control Panel will open over the anyLogistix user interface.
  2. Click the tile of the required project to open its profile
  3. In the project's profile click the Actions menu, then select Remove project.

    The Remove project option is available only if the project is not occupied.

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