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Team License

This article describes how to lease and return the team license for the anyLogistix installation on the end-user’s computer.
For information about Team License Server and its administration, see the following website: Team License Server.

Leasing and dropping the floating license

To activate anyLogistix on the target workstation, an employee needs to lease a license from the Team License Server

Leasing a license

  1. Run anyLogistix. If your product is not activated yet, anyLogistix Activation Wizard will open automatically. Otherwise, open anyLogistix Activation Wizard by choosing  > License info from the anyLogistix toolbar.
  2. In the anyLogistix Activation Wizard:
    • if you're using desktop anyLogistix, select Lease a license from a License Server option.
    • if you're using anyLogistix Professional Server, click Drop License. The new dialog box will allow to you acquire a new license by clicking the Get license button.
  3. Specify the server connection settings:
    • AnyLogic License Server — the address (IP, e.g. or the host machine name, e.g. localhost) of Team License Server.
    • Port — the number of the port that is used to connect to the server. The default port is 8443.
    Consult your system administrator to make sure that your settings are valid. Click Next when finished.
  4. anyLogistix will request a key from the Team License Server.
    If the connection to the server has been established successfully and there are available licenses, the server will generate the activation key and sends it to anyLogistix on the target machine. anyLogistix will store this key in the user folder. No further connection to the server is required to keep working with anyLogistix.
  5. The license is now leased. You will see the corresponding message on the last page of the anyLogistix activation wizard.
  6. Click Finish to close the wizard.

If all licenses are leased at the moment, you should contact the administrator to find the person who can drop their license. When a license becomes available, you should follow the scenario above to lease it yourself.

Dropping the leased license

  1. Run anyLogistix.
  2. To open the License Information dialog box, choose  > License info from the anyLogistix toolbar.
  3. In the dialog box, click the Drop license button.
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