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NO US Distribution Network

We plan to start selling home and garden products in the USA.
We will consider the supply chain with 70 customers on the territory of the United States.
The supply chain deals with five products:

  • Lighting
  • Large home appliances
  • Furniture
  • Gardening equipment
  • Small appliances

The demand is periodic, i.e certain volume of products is ordered every 5 days:

  • 16 customers order 16 furniture
  • 18 customers order 4 gardening equipment
  • 18 customers order 12 large home appliances
  • 15 customers order 8 lighting
  • 17 customers order 20 small appliances

We used the GFA experiment to find the following areas for regional distribution centers:

  • West (Nevada)
  • South (Texas)
  • East (Virginia)


  • We can open only one DCs in West, South and East
  • We can use only one port for transshipment

Find the most suitable warehouse locations in every area, and choose a port, which will be a transshipment base between the supplier in Brazil and the regional DCs.


The result offers 10 the most profitable warehouse locations. The best choice is to open DCs in Lynchburg, Reno, Austin, and use the Port of New Orleans for transshipment.

The Optimization Results page is opened by default. It shows the result of the experiment with all the possible combinations filtered per Profit (NetOpt) statistics column. The top record of the table is the best one.
The data on other details is shown in the corresponding tables:

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