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Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a number of keyboard shortcuts assigned to certain commands, which allows you to use keyboard instead of mouse when working in anyLogistix.

Use Cmd instead of Ctrl for Mac Os.

Program Commands

  • Ctrl + Q (alternatively Alt + F4 ) - Exit anyLogistix

Edit Commands

  • Ctrl + X - Cut the currently selected data.
  • Ctrl + C - Copy currently selected data.
  • Ctrl + V - Paste the data from the clipboard.
  • Del - Delete currently selected data.
  • Ctrl + A - Select all data in the table.
  • Ctrl + Z - Undo the previous action (can undo up to 20 previous actions).

    This shortcut is not available within the Project tree, Configure statistics and Statistics dashboard areas.

  • Ctrl + Y - Redo the previously undone action.

Scenario Commands

  • Ctrl + N - Create new scenario within the current project.
  • Ctrl + I - Import data into the current project.
  • Ctrl + E - Export data of the current scenario.
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