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Scenario Properties

The Scenario properties dialog box shows the basic properties of the selected scenario. It also allows you to change the name of the scenario.

To open scenario properties

  1. Right-click the required scenario and select Properties from the drop-down list.

    The Scenario Properties dialog box will open:
    • Scenario name — the name of the scenario that will be displayed in the Scenarios and controls ribbon. You can change the current name here.
    • Scenario type — [not editable] the type of this scenario. The set of available tables and experiments depends on this type.
    • Created by — [not editable, available in the anyLogistix Professional Server only] the name of the user who created (or converted) this scenario.
    • Creation date — [not editable] the day on which the scenario wss created.
    • Start date — [not editable] scenario starting date. It defines simulation experiment starting date.
    • End date — [not editable] scenario ending date. It defines simulation experiment ending date.
    • Description — the auto-comment or user defined comment. You can also add / edit a comment any time.


anyLogistix provides auto-descriptions for scenarios in the following cases:

  • Scenario is created from the experiment results.
  • Scenario is converted from another scenario.
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