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The Users dialog box allows you to define the user(s) of the current project. The data on all the available users is stored within the project they belong to.

A user may have the role of:

To open the Users settings

  1. Choose Settings > Users > Users from the main menu. The dialog box will open containing the editable table with all the currently active users and controls to either create or delete users:
    • Username — specify the name of the new user or edit the name of the existing user.
    • Password — specify the password of the new user or edit the password of the existing user.
    • E-mail — specify the e-mail of the new user or edit the e-mail of the existing user.
    • Role — specify the role of the new user or edit the role of the existing user.

To create a new user

  1. Click Add. A new user record will be created.
  2. Click the cell in the Password column and set a new password for the new user.
  3. Specify the e-mail of the new user in the E-mail column cell.
  4. Set the type of rights you want the new user to have in the Role column cell. By default a new user is assigned the Guest type of rights.

Manage rights of the existing users

  1. Click the cell of the required user in the Role column.
  2. Select the new role (User or Admin) that must be assigned to this use.
  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.

To remove existing user

  1. Click the required user record in the Username column to select it.
  2. Click the Remove button to delete it.
    Note the following:
    • Scenario(s) created by the selected user(s) will be removed from the project as well unless you reassign them.
    • If this user is running at least one experiment for any scenario, a warning message will pop-up. You will be able to terminate the running experiment(s) by clicking Terminate and proceed. In this case results of these experiments will not be saved.
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