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Location Groups

The Location Groups table contains one or more user-defined locations from the Locations table. Location groups are used to simplify the definition of custom Paths: instead of creating one entry for each individual location, you create a location group and define a single entry for it.

Note the difference between location groups and groups. Location groups contain physical points on the map and have flat structure (i.e., a location group cannot contain other location groups). Groups aggregate logical entities of your supply chain (customers, sites, suppliers and other groups) and can have a tree-like structure (i.e., a group can contain other groups).

When you create a group, a system location group is also created for it, which contains locations of all facilities that are present in a group. Such location group is not displayed in the Location Groups table and cannot be edited but you can select it as a source or destination when defining a Path.

Column Description


Provide the name of the location group in this cell.

If a Location Group is generated as a result of an experiment, its name is set automatically. You can change it if necessary.


The locations the group consists of.

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