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anyLogistix Editions

You can start anyLogistix and create supply chain models with one of the following licenses:

  • PLE (Personal Learning Edition) — is intended for personal or any non-commercial use. It offers the complete set of anyLogistix Professional features and analytical tools with certain restrictions.
  • Academic — is intended for education use only. It is a fully functional anyLogistix Professional version offering the complete set of features and tools. The title and the map has a watermark notifying you of the license type you are using.
  • Professional — is intended for commercial use only. It is a fully functional version with the complete set of features and tools.

    The Professional edition is also available as a Professional Server, which allows you to run anyLogistix on your server for a team of anyLogistix users who will access their projects from a web browser on any device, including phones, tablets, etc.

    anyLogistix Professional Server is not a desktop application, it can be installed on a Linux server only.

Personal Learning Edition Restrictions

The PLE version is intended for personal, educational, and any other non-commercial use. It offers the complete set of Professional features and analytical tools, however, there are certain restrictions that are applied to the Personal Learning Edition license:

  • Each scenario within a project may contain:
    • 100 customers
    • 10 DCs and factories
    • 10 products
    • 3 suppliers
  • The following tables are not available:
    • Custom constraints
    • Demand forecast
    • Indicator constraints
    • Linear ranges
    • Milk runs
    • Objective members
    • Vehicle selection mode
  • The following experiments are not available:
    • GFA with roads
    • Safety stock estimation
  • The MRP (Material Requirements Planning) policy is not available.
  • Experiment may process up to 10 Replications.

Visually the PLE version has the Non-commercial use only statement, which is available:

  1. In the title of anyLogistix
  2. As a watermark on the map

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