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Time windows

This table is considered by the following experiments:

By defining the time windows, you specify the operating hours, namely:

  • The period of time during which customers are ready to meet the vehicle and receive the delivery.
  • The earliest shipping time, i.e., the time when DCs start shipping.

    DCs do not consider the end time of the operating hours. They proceed until all the shipments are sent.

Column Description


A DC or a customer, for which the time windows are defined.

Start Time

The start of the operating hours:

  • Customers become ready to receive deliveries
  • DCs start shipping the deliveries

End Time

The end of the operating hours:

  • Customers are no longer available. Shipments cannot be delivered beyond this time.
  • DCs should return within the 24 hours if the End Time is not defined.


The type of operation the defined Facility will be doing within the operating hours.

Depending on the type of the defined facility this can be:

  • Receiving — can be applied to customers only
  • Shipping — can be applied to DCs only

Inclusion Type

Defines the status of the current facility.

  • Include — if set, the operating hours will be included into the supply chain configuration.
  • Exclude — if set, the operating hours will be excluded from the supply chain configuration. If selected, the table record will be grayed out to denote the current inclusion type. The table record remains editable.

    If you feel that your scenario contains too many objects marked as "Excluded" and you know that you no longer use them, you can instantly remove all such objects.

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