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Running the Risk Analysis Experiment

Run the Risk analysis experiment to assess the risk of the target service level dropping below the expected level.

To create an experiment you need to previously create at least one scenario.

To run the Risk analysis experiment

  1. Click the SIM tab located in the top left area of anyLogistix workspace, and select the scenario to work with.
  2. Navigate to the experiments section and select Risk analysis experiment.
    The GIS map will be substituted with the experiment's settings.
  3. Set the experiment settings:
    • Set the experiment duration by specifying Experiment start and Experiment end.
    • Specify the Replications per iteration to use.
    • Select stats to analyze in the Target Service Level parameter.
    • Define the failure and recovery service levels.
    • If required, configure statistics to be available in the results of the experiment
  4. Click Run to execute the experiment.
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