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Welcome Screen

The welcome screen is the first thing a user sees on launching anyLogistix 3.

The welcome screen contains the following sections:

  1. anyLogistix toolbar.
  2. Welcome screen controls.
    • Show on startup — [checked by default] defines if the welcome screen should appear each time anyLogistix starts.
    • Close — click to close the Welcome screen and open anyLogistix 3 user interface.
  3. Menu
    • Create Scenario — connects to the current project and opens the dialog box, allowing you to create a new scenario.
    • Import Scenario — pens the dialog box, allowing you to import a scenario.
    • Help — opens anyLogistix documentation.
    • Training and Events — opens the web page on the website with anyLogistix calendar of events.
    • Video Tour — opens the web page on the website with an introductory webinar.
    • Blog — opens the official anyLogistix blog.
    • Contact Us — opens the web page on the website with the contact details.
    • Community — opens the official anyLogistix reddit community.
  4. Scenario types — tabs with scenario type. Click a tab to read about this type in the Information section (5).
  5. Information section — brief details on the selected scenario type (4). Additionally, you may find tiles in the bottom:
    • Video — click to go to official anyLogistix YouTube channel.
    • Tutorial — click to open the tutorial on the experiment of this scenario type in the anyLogistix help.
    • Help — click to open anyLogistix documentation.
  6. Examples — the list of anyLogistix examples. Hover your mouse over an example tab to see its controls:
    • Import — click to open this example in anyLogistix 3.
    • Details — click to open description of this example.
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